CDC's Division of Economic Development works with communities, members, businesses, and other stakeholders throughout our Region to assist with their economic development efforts. For this reason, the Division's fundamental efforts focus on those types of activities which will most likely result in quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy.

Economic Development Administration (EDA) CDC serves as EDA's representative in Northwest Louisiana.

Economic Development Administration (EDA) CDC serves as EDA's representative in Northwest Louisiana.

Public Works Program

Characteristic projects include investments in facilities such as water and sewer systems, industrial access roads, business parks, port facilities, rail spurs, skill-training facilities, business incubator facilities, brownfield redevelopment, eco-industrial facilities, and telecommunications and broadband infrastructure improvements necessary for business creation, retention, and expansion. All grants awarded are competitive in nature; matching funds are required.

Technical Assistance Program

EDA's Technical Assistance program is designed to address the needs of distressed communities experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time. Current EDA investment priorities focus on:
(a) Collaborative Regional Innovation
(b) Public/Private Partnerships
(c) National Strategic Priorities
(d) Global Competitiveness
(e) Environmentally-Sustainable Development
(f) Economically Distressed and Underserved Communities.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Every five years, under its contract with EDA, CDC updates the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for Northwest Louisiana. The CEDS process involves looking at Northwest Louisiana's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Goals and objectives are formulated to deal with weaknesses and threats and to take advantage of strengths and opportunities, and an action plan is developed based on the established objectives. Updates are prepared annually to document progress made during the year in carrying out the goals and objectives listed in the 5-year action plan.

Delta Regional Authority (DRA)

CDC serves as DRA's Local Development District for Bienville, Claiborne, DeSoto, Lincoln, Natchitoches, Red River, and Webster Parishes.

State Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP)

Entities that are eligible to apply for DRA funding include state and local governments (state agencies, city, and county/parish), public bodies, and non-profit entities with projects in the DRA Region. For-profit entities are not eligible to apply. Types of eligible projects include: Basic Public Infrastructure, Transportation Infrastructure, Business Development (with an emphasis on entrepreneurship), and Workforce Development.

Information on Economic Development Programs

The Division's staff maintains and disseminates information on various programs which relate to and promote economic development. Information concerning USDA and other economic development programs also is maintained, and CDC can assist interested parties in contacting the appropriate contacts to apply for information, including funding availability, for these programs.

Louisiana State Tax Incentives Program

CDC offers its expertise to qualifying businesses that desire to take advantage of tax benefits offered by the state of Louisiana through Louisiana Economic Development (LED). A full listing of these incentives is available in CDC's Northwest Louisiana Business Resource Guides, found elsewhere on this website. Available tax incentives in Arkansas and Texas also are listed in their respective Business Resource Guides, also found on this website.

Louisiana Enterprise Zone Maps

The Louisiana Legislature has designated Enterprise Zones (EZs) throughout the State in which new or expanding businesses can receive tax breaks if they create new jobs. CDC has small-scale maps available, which show general locations of EZs in each parish. Also, CDC can provide governmental entities with EZ maps of particular locations based on their street address or location description. Companies wishing to know whether or not their employees live within Enterprise Zones may use this service.

For more information, contact The Coordinating and Development Corporation, CDC's Division of Economic Development, (318) 632-2022.