For more information, contact The Coordinating and Development Corporation (318)-632-2022

Land Use Planning

• Involves detailed demographic and other profile data
• May include a survey or other means of compiling public input
• Completion could take several months
• Fee for service activity


• Requires attorney review
• Will need official zoning map to outline districts
• Requires a legal process for approval
• Fee for service activity

Project Development

• Public programs monitored to ensure compliance with deadlines
• Requires preliminary engineering information
• Typically a fee for service activity

Project Administration

• Ensure compliance with state or federal regulations
• Sponsor ultimately responsible for compliance with regulations
• Typically a fee for service activity

Demographic Research

• Could involve specific projects or community activities
• Includes demographic information from Census Bureau
• Simple requests free for members
• Extensive research is typically a fee for service activity


• Usually related to a specific issue or community project
• Local sponsors required to participate in survey distribution and collection
• Except for surveys conducted in conjunction with LCDBG requests, typically a fee based service

Technical Assistance

• Consultation and review of potential for a successful project
• Free for members for simple review
• Typically a fee based service for complex issues

• Conforms to FEMA process
• Requires FEMA approval to be finalized
• Involves community and organizational participation
• Fee for service

Project Review/Clearinghouse Service

Select federal, state, and local grants require a review of the project by a qualified agency before it may be submitted to the granting agency. CDC's Division of Project Review serves as a reviewing agency in Louisiana, evaluating applications for community and economic development projects to assure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, and to prevent duplication and ensure coordination between interested parties. The Division also informs affected local officials of projects proposed for their area, thus giving them an opportunity to comment about a specific application if they so desire.

For more information, contact: Julie Moore, Coordinator of the Division of Project Review, (318) 632-2022.