WIOA Pre-Screening Application

The purpose of the Pre-Application Screening Form is for applicants to provide information that can be reviewed to determine their possible eligibility for WIOA program services. The completion and submission of the form by an applicant does not constitute a definitive eligibility determination but allows the CDC Central Eligibility Coordinator reviewing the form to decide if the applicant should be requested to report to your local American Job Center to complete a final eligibility determination and WIOA program enrollment.

Thank you for your interest in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program.

Due to the high volume of applications received, each application is placed in a queue in the order it was received. We are processing applications and completing eligibility requirements as quickly as possible.

To help us speed up this process, please ensure that you have created a HiRE account at www.laworks.net and you may begin uploading required eligibility documentation.

The following is the list of required documents. Please only upload those which apply to you. If you are having any issues obtaining these documents, please call to discuss possible other alternatives. 


Documents Required:
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security Card
• Louisiana Driver's License or Picture I.D.
• Check stubs from all individuals in the household that have a job or W-2 holding forms, or income taxes.
• Proof of family size if not on tax form (child/ren's birth certificate/s).
• Any other income information (child support, social security, etc.)
• Proof of Address (utility bill, or letter received in the mail)

The following if applicable:
• Selective Service Letter (Males 18 or older)
• Verification of Food Stamp amount
• Social Security Award Letter (includes SSI)
• Unemployment Insurance information
• DD214 or Discharge papers if you are a Veteran

Prior to receiving any WIOA services the individual must undergo extensive testing evaluation and assessment processes to determine eligibility and suitability for services. You will also be administered a basic math and reading test. You may re-test after six months. With return of the attached pre-application form, you agree to attend all testing evaluations, and counseling sessions when scheduled; and to cooperate with the CDC Career Specialist in establishing your needs, goals, and steps to be taken to achieve those goals

Pre-Screening Application

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